What you should do before the Flooring Mechanic arrives… Please be present for your installation

1.    Move all breakable items, such as pictures, vases and dishes from the installation area. Empty shelves, china cabinets, and stereo cabinets, etc. Do not pile items on beds or tables, etc. Instead, move these items to an area not involved in the installation if possible.

2.    In bedrooms, Strip the beds; remove all items from the floor and the bottom of closets so that there is room for an installer to work. Remove or pin up all draperies and relocate any area rugs.

3.    Disconnect and move all electronics e.g. TVs, stereos, lamps, clocks, computer equipment, etc.

4.    Prior to our installer’s arrival, please have a plumber disconnect all gas appliances that will be moved by us. The plumber will need to reconnect these appliances after your installation.

5.    If a toilet will be handled during your installation, please ensure that it is clean inside & out.

6.    It is never our intention to damage your paint, however many products and work practices today can cause us to ‘ding’ your paint finish. Please be prepared for some paint touch up after your installation. 

7.    Please be sure your power is ON for electrical tools and your heat or air conditioning is set to normal room temperature. Indoor flooring should not be installed in non-climate controlled areas.

8.    As we do not always know the thickness of your new flooring, any doors that need cutting will be an additional charge at the time of installation. We do not cut exterior or glass paneled doors.

9.    Additional work / charges sometimes apply at time of installation. Estimator cannot dismantle your existing flooring to access condition of sub floor or clearances needed for doors.

10.    Laminate and wood installations require a space dedicated to the installer’s saws, preferably a covered area for ‘rainy’ days – Garage, porch etc. We take steps to minimize the sawdust which is created during the installation process, however some minor dust is to be expected.

11.    Our crews need an easily accessible, dedicated parking space for the duration of the installation

12.    Before our arrival, please vacuum the old carpet or flooring that is being removed.

13.    If you have alarm, phone or door bell wires under the existing floor or behind the ¼ round please alert our installers. We are not responsible for damage. Please unhook and rehook for proper protection.

14.    Some wood and laminate materials must ‘acclimate’ in your home for 48 – 72 hours. We will schedule your installation accordingly.

15.    Please ensure that your pets and children are safely out of the installation areas. We sometimes have to leave doors open for delivery and we use tools that can be dangerous.

Thank you for preparing for your beautiful new flooring